Design and Create Compelling Lead Magnets

Design and Create Compelling Lead Magnets

Now that you have chosen your technology and you have all the things in place you need to get started building your email list, it's time to design and create a compelling lead magnet that will attract subscribers.

  • Choose the Buyer's Persona or Avatar You Want to Attract
  • Know the Problem You Want to Solve for Them
  • Name Your Freebie Using a Compelling Title
  • Choose the Form the Lead Magnet Will Appear
  • Create a Landing Page for Your Freebie
  • Develop a Download Page for Your Lead Magnet
  • Create the Lead Magnet or Hire Someone to Create It

My Office Professionals provides qualified virtual assistants that can help you manage the entire process for you.

Once you have finished creating your lead magnet, get it on the download page and start marketing the freebie to your audience on social media, through paid ads, and even by sending it to your own email list that you have already. Write a blog post about it and share it with everyone so that you'll get more people on your list. Whatever you do, don't keep it a secret.

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