Why a VA?

Why Hire a VA?

Hire a Virtual Assistant today, grow your business Tomorrow.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Saves Time

Assign the work to your dedicated virtual assistant and while you focus on more important matters, we take care of everything else. Your only paying for the actual work, no time is wasted in break rooms, or around the water cooler.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Saves Money

Virtual Assistants are independent contractors who are responsible for paying their own taxes and purchasing their own equipment. Contractors are also not entitled to the benefit packages that employees receive making the decision to hire a VA very economical.

What sets us apart...

My Office Professionals is different from other Virtual Assistance agencies, and here's how!

  • qxio-thumbsupWe only have Contractors based in the U.S. or Canada.
  • qxio-thumbsupYou will work with a dedicated agent
  • qxio-thumbsupGet exclusive access to our client portal and stay up-to-date with the latest tech news and resources. Build a robust business system with ease.
  • qxio-thumbsupYou benefit from the collective experience of the entire team.
  • qxio-thumbsupWe have vetted vendor partners that offer graphic design, web design and content writing services.
  • qxio-thumbsupAccess to pre-negotiated discounts through our Group Purchasing Organization.
  • qxio-thumbsupWe offer add on packages such as Zoom Support.
  • qxio-thumbsupYou will have access to discounted or free training offered several times per year on productivity software.

Your experienced team

The right people for the right tasks.

We are always adding people to our team so that we can handle any size project. Our clients benefit from the collective experience of the entire team.

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Why a VA?

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Our mission is to provide solopreneurs tools, time & tactics for success.

We're proudly based in the Washington/Baltimore  Metro area.


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