Small Business Start Up

Small Business Set Up Package $500.00

Timeframe: 30 days

The Small Business Start-Up Program, offered by My Office Professionals, is a comprehensive program designed to provide entrepreneurs with the systems they need to support their growing business.

For an investment of $500, participants receive a wealth of resources and guidance to successfully navigate the initial stages of their business journey.

This program includes four recorded strategic coaching sessions.

Alongside the coaching sessions, the program offers an array of practical tools to streamline your operations and boost productivity.


  • qxif-check-squareCoaching 4 hours coaching/training and strategic discussion
    1 hour per week for four weeks
  • qxif-check-squareCRM Set Up and Training
  • qxif-check-squareEmail Management System Set Up
  • qxif-check-squareCreate your brand kit
  • qxif-check-squareCreate your link.tree
  • qxif-check-squareCreate Intake Forms

In essence, the Small Business Start-Up Program is a holistic and hands-on approach to business development, offering a blend of strategic coaching and practical tools. Let us help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a thriving reality.

Add ons:

Social Media Platform Set Up $150 per platform

  • qxif-arrow-circle-rightFacebook, Instagram, or LinkedIN
  • qxif-arrow-circle-right Includes writing content for set up and basic competitor analysis report
  • qxif-arrow-circle-rightCustom Banner (Branded)
  • qxif-arrow-circle-right2 posts with graphics
  • qxif-arrow-circle-right1 blog article

Youtube Channel SetUp $200

  • qxif-arrow-circle-rightIncludes simple video editing for two videos
  • qxif-arrow-circle-rightCustom banner
  • qxif-arrow-circle-right Thumbnail
  • qxif-arrow-circle-rightAnimated featured video (45s) $50 (optional)

Note: Includes writing the script, 2 revisions

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