My Business Growth Collective

My Business Growth Collective: The Ultimate Coaching Program for Small Business Owners

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with the My Business Growth Collective—a comprehensive coaching program designed for business owners who strive for excellence and growth. This is not just another business course; it is a dynamic collective that empowers you to take decisive, strategic action in your business every single month.

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Monthly Power Moves Workshops

Each month you’ll be privy to exclusive workshops that delve into business strategies that really move the needle. Get actionable insights that you can implement immediately to start seeing results.

Accountability and Strategic Planning

With our structured accountability system and emphasis on strategic planning, you’ll stay on track toward achieving your goals. No more guesswork or shooting in the dark; our experts guide you through creating and executing plans that work.

Group Purchasing Discounts

Leverage the power of the collective with group purchasing discounts. As part of the My Business Growth Collective, you’ll enjoy cost-saving benefits from national suppliers.

“Ask Me Anything” Sessions

Ever wish you could just ask a successful entrepreneur exactly how they tackled a problem? Our AMA sessions give you direct access to experts ready to answer your burning questions, providing clarity and direction.

Co-Working Opportunities (FaithWorks)

Foster synergy and collaboration through our co-working opportunities. Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs who are equally passionate about progression and success.

Challenges to Propel You Forward

Engage in challenges designed to push you out of your comfort zone and spark significant growth in your business. It's time to embrace the challenge and revel in the triumphs that follow.

Join a community of entrepreneurs, business owners, startups, and small business aficionados dedicated to creating impactful and profitable businesses. With the My Business Growth Collective, you're not just surviving in the business world—you're thriving.

Enroll now and transform your business with the power of collective expertise, accountability, and strategic growth.

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Our mission is to provide solopreneurs tools, time & tactics for success.

We're proudly based in the Washington/Baltimore  Metro area.


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